WASP science has for ambition to develop and to promote a systematic appeal to the replacement of animals, by the validation of innovative methods for a practical quality education, as well as for refining and optimizing experimental models.

In Europe, the Directive 2010 / 63 / EC of the European Parliament and Council of September 22nd, 2010 relative to the protection of animals used to fine scientists is gradually implemented in the 27 Member States. In this context WASP science develops initial and continuing education trainings in the ultimate application of 3R, without using live animals and, naturally, without appeal to euthanasia for the only purpose of preparing teaching supports.

Beyond ethical preoccupations, the choice of replacing live animals favours the acquisition of precise gestures and allows the trainees to focus their attention on the sole technique, without any stress or apprehension.

With a strong will to limit waste and the use of single-use consumables, the training is based on innovative, reusable and/or biodegradable tools, and insists on the familiarization with surgical techniques and the logistics of an intervention, without pain or suffering, and without animal.

The French Foundation on Animal Rights, Ethics and Sciences distinguished WASP science by awarding the 2013 Alfred Kastler Biology Prize to Madam Catherine VOGT, VMD, graduated from Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris) in Sciences & Surgical Techniques and in Microsurgery.






All courses, original teaching supports and substitutes are under the mark WASP, property of WASP Science.

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